The ABC of working with schools

 The ABC guide provides:

  • good practice materials from museums across the region
  • an overview of what is happening in schools
  • links to further information.

We offer advice and support to museum staff and volunteers wishing to develop or extend their resources and programmes for children and young people aged 0 – 16.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and any examples of good practice from your museum.

Please note that this guide was first developed in 2006 and revised in 2010 but that much of the information about what is happening inside schools may be subject to change as the Government reviews and revises its policies and plans.

Children in a museum looking up in wonder

Getting started
Find out how museums can support school learning, how to up a service from scratch and get plenty of practical advice about how to create, organise and run sessions for schools.

Inside schools
Get an overview of what is taught, when, where, how and to whom in schools. Read examples of ways that museums have supported different subject areas.

Widening access
Find out about the barriers that prevent school groups from visiting museums. Learn more about how to provide for young audiences outside of school groups whether in families, clubs, as part of Extended Services or from Early Years settings. This section also provides useful information on marketing to families and schools.

Keep up to date
Find out about the current key in initiatives in learning inside and outside the classroom.